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Complete applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Applicants are strongly urged to submit application materials as early as possible. Please contact KCCIHS if you require assistance with this application.


1. Personal Information


2. Education

Please list secondary schools and post-secondary schools and degrees in the space below. Official transcripts are required from High school and all other post-secondary education.

3. Two Letters of Recommendation

These should include teachers and/or other professionals (exclude relatives and close personal friends) who can comment on your potential as a health-care provider and on your ability to succeed in the program at KCCIHS. If you would like them to submit the recommendation directly, kindly send them this link: 

4. Related Training

5. Interests

A. Review Your Application

Payment instructions: Application fee may be paid via e-transfer to; paid over the phone by calling the bookstore at 1-250-354-1995; or paid via personal check (Canadian residents only) or money order. Out-of-country applicants should submit the application fee in the form of a money order in Canadian funds. In case you have difficulty obtaining Canadian funds, please contact KCCIHS. International applicants may also pay by wire transfer (please add an additional $50 bank processing fee for Wire Transfer).

Criminal Record Check

Follow this link to complete the criminal record check:

Access Code: To receive an Access Code please email or call 250-352-5887 and ask for the Registrar.

Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted for a personal, telephone, or zoom interview.

The admission requirements cannot be waived by either the College or the applicant.

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I hereby attest that all information provided in this application is true.

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